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Wisconsin’s Finest, Inc. provides our customers with the best quality cheese from AMERICA’S DAIRYLAND.

Wisconsin’s Finest proudly offers the highest level of quality cheese. Owned by longtime food industry veteran, Jamey Williams, Wisconsin’s Finest cheese is manufactured in USDA Inspected plants under the strictest quality control and with the most modern equipment. Customer satisfaction is of the utmost importance to all of us at Wisconsin’s Finest. We work daily to bring you the quality, service, and competitive pricing that you need to be successful in selling cheese.

The founder of Wisconsin’s Finest, Inc., Ken Meixelsperger, was born and raised in Wisconsin and knows everything there is to know about the cheese industry after forty years in the business. Meixelsperger intimately knows the cheese industry: from milking cows on a dairy farm as a child to owning and operating his own cheese manufacturing plant in Wisconsin to being a licensed cheese maker and grader. Meixelsperger started Wisconsin’s Finest in 1986 and built it up to the successful business it is today.

Now Wisconsin’s Finest can be found anywhere from your local grocery store’s dairy department to the shredded cheese on your salad at your favorite restaurant. Wisconsin’s Finest provides customers with complete cheese lines in Foodservice, Deli and Retail throughout the United States, straight from the rolling hills of Wisconsin pastureland. With 1.27 million cows grazing on its hills and over ten thousand dairy farms, it’s no wonder that Wisconsin farmers produce a level of quality cheese that can only come from Wisconsin.

The Wisconsin’s Finest distribution center is centrally located in Plano, Texas, which has made Wisconsin’s Finest the largest cheese wholesaler in the South. Williams, a native Texan, plans to expand the company’s savory cheese offerings to retailers throughout the Northern and Midwestern United States. Wisconsin’s Finest is excited to bring our high quality cheese to the rest of the nation.